Plast kurin named after the  Princes Ostrozkyj

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In the tradition of the National Scout Organization of Ukraine (NSOU) "Plast" it is accepted that large structural entities - kurins- of young boys or girls choose themselves patrons, after whom they call their own kurin. An outstanding historical figure who may serve as an example for young people can be the patron. In accordance with this, they develop the entire ceremony, study the history of the personalities, explore the use of symbolism, as well as necessarily celebrate birthdays and other important dates.

On the basis of Zdolbuniv "Plast", the NSOU appeared a kurin named after the  Princes Ostrozkyi. Kurin brings together young people from Zdolbuniv, Zdovbytsia, Kvasyliv and Shpanov. A senior plastun, a graduate of The National University of Ostroh Academy Alexander Denisyuk, became a handler for kurin, so-called adult, who takes care of children. It is important that, while remembering the princely glory, the youths chose the slogan "Courage and Honor" - so to speak, following the example of the prominent commander Konstiantyn Ostrozkyi and the enlightener Vasyl-Konstiantyn Ostrozkyi.