Reconstruction of books by Valentyn Kolontai

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Valentyn Kolontai who was a native of Dubno city in Rivne region, who now lives in Lviv, has long been fond of the Middle Ages, and especially of the book of that time. His youthful enthusiasm prompted Valentin to study Slavic and Gothic calligraphy and to start producing authentic books. Now he is a well-known Ukrainian master-reconstructor, participant of many thematic festivals and organizer of master classes in medieval calligraphy.

The theme of princes' Ostrozkyi legacy is clearly reflected in the young master's work. So Valentine created a unique guest book as a gift for Dubno State Historical and Cultural Reserve. The work is entitled "Chronicon dux Constantinus de Ostrog" - the chronicle of Prince Constantine Ostrozkyi. The book is a reconstruction of the Gothic codex and is made in the way that introligators (bookbinders, frames makers) used in medieval Europe. The workpiece, whose sheets are approximately A4 (30 x 21 cm), is four centimeters thick. Master used calfskin and ash wood for the frame  He decorated it with copper clasps and bronze fittings. And on the copper layer by etching technology, he painted the coat of arms of the princes Ostrozkyi.

In Ostroh there are the premises of Lutsk Tower of the 16th century, which is now an interactive museum of old printed books, where one can see the potrait of Prince Ostrozkyi, made by Valentin, or buy original notebooks with the coat of arms of the princely family on the cover.